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(Anticipated) Frequently Asked Questions

What is Channelling ?

I have explained that here.

Isn't that unscientific ?

It depends on what you understand by the term "science". In my eyes, in the academic world, there are certain – inadequate – axioms which do not allow the scientists to accept what lies beyond their current horizon of understanding. What they cannot measure yet, they deem unexistant.

But true science has to be free of limitations of thought, belief and worldview. It has to take into account even the seemingly impossible, dive into what is being claimed by those advocating it and not be separate. It may have been the method of science to stand aside and observe, but in matters of spirit, these methods will be inadequate, for in truth, there is no separation.

One book I would like to recommend in this context is Yogananda's "The Science of Religion". You may also be interested in the more philosophical parts of my thesis  (pp. 280 ff.), which at least indirectly deals with these matters when looking of the various "orders" within our world.

In short: I am a channel, I channel, so I know channelling happens, and to acknowledge what happens is totally scientific (*) – all that being said for the worlds of form only, of course.

(*) Here, more "conservative" scientists may argue that exactly this way of arguing is subject to the danger of self-deception. While theoretically that is always a possibility which has to be taken into account in scientific studies, the one thing these scientists forget is that their entire worldview and axioms may be based on a deception similiar to that which they believe those have fallen to who maintain a world invisible to them does exist.

Thus, you will either have to believe them or people like me or their words – unless you step forth and start experimenting yourself. One day, then, you might know.

Why don't you have a photography on your website ?

I do not really want my photography to appear in the internet at the moment. With all those image search engines, control over one’s privacy can easily be lost. And we are who we are in the present moment. I do not wish that people may take a photography of me and, inadvertently or not, connect concepts to it (or to (their idea of) me).

Also, a photography is an easy means to connect to someone. It may be easier for me to keep my energy protected without a photography being online.

And, in the end, I am just the messenger here. Do not look to me – look to the message.

Else: If you wish to see me – meet me, if fate should allow.

Whom / which entity (or entities) are you channelling ?

Good question. I cannot give you a name. If you mail to me, I can give you the answer I received, when asking.

In which language will you channel for me ?

Basically, in the language in which it will happen. Although I cannot say that in advance, there is a chance, it will be either German or English, or the language we use for our communication.

If the channelling should happen in a language you do not understand, I can translate or arrange for an interpreter (in case we would not have agreed upon the use of a translator in advance, it would be my responsibility to provide you with a translation for free). In case – until now, it has not happened very often – I should channel a language in a language, we cannot identify... You either will not need to pay or get a refund, if you wish.

Can I trust you ?

Hopefully. I will do my best. But I cannot guarantee 100 % correctness. But I assume you will find valuable hints in what I will channel for you. (Also refer to the advice and link given in the answer to the next question.)

Isn't channelling dangerous ?

For the channel, it probably depends on which power he connects to and in which way. I have channelled since quite a long time, and I have not realised any detrimental effects to me, I believe. Yet, Eckhart Tolle in the November 2011 edition of Eckhart Tolle Now [040511qa07_janeroberts_728k] points out, there may be a risk of holding the channel back from realising his own poer and his own source.

For the client (you), it depends on whether he is able to apply his power of discernment (you will find great advice as to this topic in the article-section of http://www.lightascenscion.com. If you are a subscriber on Eckhart Tolle Now, you may find the talk of the August 2010-edition [121609talk_presencepower_728k] helpful.

And, of course, you should never become dependent on anyone. Also see here and the reply to the next question.

Shouldn't I rather find the truth in myself ?

Definitely. In the end, you even will, sort of, have to, I believe (also see 040511qa07_janeroberts_728k mentioned above).

If you can, do that. If you can't, enable your awareness. Within, without... truth is everywhere, where REALITY is.

But if you feel like getting advice from someone else in the meantime (I offer my gift to help you – which I am glad to, because I can do something I am able to and I actually like doing –, as you will go to a baker, although you could bake cookies yourself, to a doctor, although you could heal yourself, and to another human being for advice, although our Source is one.), I am there for you.

Can we have a session at your office ?

As far as I have one. At the time of writing this, I had not, as I have been frequently changing my place of living this year, and might continue to do so a bit longer. But we can meet either in your office (if I should happen to live close, or if you take over travel expenses), or in a coffeeshop, or for a walk, be it in the city or in nature.

How much does it cost ?

Please have a look here.

Why does it have to be so much ?

Is it much ? Well.. Currently, I have, inter alia, expenses for eating and dwelling. If you are desperate or do not have the money and do believe you really need to get my counsel, but are not at all able to pay either now or in the foreseeable future, please talk to me. I may have, e.g., work for you in exchange for a channelling.

Do you have references ?

Sorry. Just started offering my services publicly. Of course, I could ask a few friends whether they woud be willing to talk to you. But I suppose that would not be what you are looking for ?

What you can do, is checking out the messages given until now, and also my LinkedIn and Xing-accounts for general professional contacts. I have not been active there much, though, and their number is currently rather small. I do have academic references and references from my paedagogical work, and someone liked my book, but, again, that will probably not be what you are seeking.

If you are in doubt – talk to me, and we may be able to arrange conditions for refunding for the hopefully only theoretical case that you would not be satisfied with my service.

I have another question.

Feel free to ask, if you like.

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