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A. About Spiritual Responsibility Trust your Intuition

When giving advice to others, especially when giving advice that is or may be connected to spiritual development, it is important to act from the highest truth.
But, on this level, at least for those who are not enlightened, people do not always (realise that they) have access to it, or they cannot always discern.

Please understand that enlightenment, or even your development towards it, is your responsibility. I hope that the links, books and information listed on my site will help you. However, at some time, for someone, getting a certain information, or reading a certain book may be helpful, at another time, in another case it may not - be it as to the book, link or information as a whole, be it as to parts.

Because this site is open to everyone who finds it, any listing or any link does not imply, that I necessarily do believe it will be helpful or good for you to read it in your special case. Therefore, please always do listen to your intuition. I select according to my best understanding. But it is, of course, gneralised.

B. No Generalised Adoption of Views

And the listing does not necessarily mean I agree with every single word or statement given in the link, book or information. Please always be vigiliant, be aware, listen to your intuition.

C. No Karmic Responsibility

I am free from any negative karmic forces invoked by putting this page and its contents on the net. I am free from any binding karma as well. Blessings are welcome : )

I have read in one book that even envoys of the "High Galactic Council" did not manage to go through a life on Earth without acquiring karma. On the other hand I have read in the book by Irina Tweedie, that her teacher told her: "Karma is for those who believe in it."

I believe we are free from Karma. I believe we are free. I believe we, in our core, are freedom.

While I will do my best to let flow through me the information you need, please be aware that as long as humans are tools for other entities, there may occur a slight, unintended "colouring" of the message or unintended factual interference in other ways. While I hope any message will come through clearly enough, it is your responsibility to apply the power of discernment to check what I impart. You can find some valuable advice on the power of discernment in the article-section of http://www.lightascension.com. Also check my FAQ.

D. Concerning Medical Advice

Please be aware, that for legal reasons, depending on the country I and you are in, then, I may not be allowed to give medical advice. This will be valid for most countries, I suppose. I have no medical formal qualification, my doctorate is not a doctor in medicine. Yet, I believe that the foundations of health are lying in your energy, and, ultimately, your soul (For a brief overview ony my perspectives, you can find here a text in German). Fortunately, there is no law that forbids people to tell other people things which will help them finding there true path in a general way.

D. Why Such a Disclaimer ?

I have studied Law. Studying the law and esoterics can mean to become very careful and very aware as to potential consequences of actions and questions of rules and binding. Therefore, in our mutual interest, I thought it best to point to the things one always (not only in the case of my homepage and services !) has to be at least aware of.

This was the spiritual disclaimer. To see the worldly one, just go here.