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Process: My offer to you

I. A word by an entity I channel

Get a Word. You may ask us directly.
Then, no channel is needed.

Here, our channel speaks [for himself]:

II. Speaking myself

1. What and Way

I can help you in trying to connect to the words and voices I can offer.

As already told, you may receive texts, poems, words. (If you feel, music could help, let us talk about that, too. I may offer that in the future.) They take the form that flows through me, initiated and moulded by either what comes from you or/and to you. When I have finished, you can try and find the meaning, and within that process help yourself.

2. When 

In which situations may I be of help ?

In principle, with any question you wish to ask or that you cannot express – that is in many situations... If you do not give a specific question to me, I will try and let flow through me, what comes, too - and that will be, hopefully, what you either need or could at least use.

3. Prices

A 30 minutes or a message session is 30 Euro (incl. all taxes, esp. VAT). If the message coming in a 30 minutes session is short, which very well might be, the rest of the time would be available for general advice concerning your questions or situation.

Payment is possible in cash, by bank transfer or Paypal. Via Paypal, payment by credit card is possible, too.

Phone, Skype or messenger sessions are possible worldwide.

We could also meet for a session directly, if we are in the same city (just ask for my availability if interested), otherwise you would have to reimburse me for travel and, if applicable, accomodation costs.

4. To consider

While I will do my best to let flow through me the information you need, please be aware that as long as humans are tools for other entities, there humanity may give a slight "colour" to the message or interfer in other ways. While I hope any message will come through clearly enough, please do look to your own intuition, too.